Switch Glass
Switch Glass


  1. High Customization:It can combine with any areas of glass, and also allow reforming glass no matter its shape and curved surface.
  2. Low cost of installation:It is easy to install and control.
  3. Quick Response:It can transfer from transparency to opaque immediately.
  4. Variety of control modes:manual switch, optical control, voice control, temperature control and remote network control.
  5. The function to adjust light strength:Its transparency can be gradually changed.
  6. High Safety:It is safe as Laminated Glass. So it is strong to resist with noise and excellent in the sound insulation.
  7. Easy to clean:No more complicated installation of curtains and the trouble for cleaning in the future.


  • Apply to office, meeting room, hotel, villa, bathroom door and window, shower room, kitchen cabinet, glass curtain wall, technical resident conservatory, and business building, as well as automobile skylight, exhibition hall, command, private window of infants' room in hospital, open counter of bank, security window of automatic machine, and special effects for briefing and business commercials and etc.


Thickness(mm)Max Size(mm mm)Min Size(mm mm)
8 ~ 221800 3500300 300

  • Normal operation temperature: -10℃~75℃.
  • The glass is perspective degree when power on: 70%~75% (3mmCL+3mmCL) .
  • Visual angle: 140.
  • Power consume: 1 W/sft.
  • Power supply: Input 110 or 220VAC; output 65VAC connect the end of electric wire to the glass.
  • Size of the voltage transformer: (10*19*21cm)/set.
  • Keep electrode in one or two side but stay at least one side.
  • Under 48/sqft share one power when multi-glass connected.

*Warranty: 1 year.


Through the combination of electronic technology and professional glass techniques, the new type material of liquid crystal can be struck on the glass. The glass can be immediately switched between the status of opaque and transparency by using the control technology of circuit in order to achieve the effects of light transmission or light insulation.

It can use on the doors and windows of the building. Through this kind of application, there is no need to install curtains anymore. The occupied space from doors and windows can be saved. It is just like the curtain controlled by electronic device and even more convenience. Besides, the transparency level of glass can be controlled by changing current. It is used to adjust the strength of sunlight for making the light of room to be soft and cozy.

The concept of transformation: The emulsified film can be made by using the particles with polar state which is similar to liquid crystal, and making those particles floating in the special liquid to form the film.

  • Before voltage conduction:The particles are spread irregularly. The incident light will be scatted, and the glass becomes opaque.
  • Voltage conduction:Because of the relationship of polar state, particles will be sequence uniformly and makes incident light can pass through.
  • The adjustment of voltage:The effect of transparency can be adjusted according to the voltage strength.