Led Glass
Led Glass


  1. Safety:Cold light. The temperature is low. It is able to touch by hand directly without the worry of scald.
  2. Electricity Saving:Its volume is light, thin and small. It can save your electricity.
  3. Energy Saving:It has the effect to keep warm and not affect the temperature in the room. So it can reduce the load of air conditioner.
  4. Environment Protection:With UV resistance, no pollution, and the effect of sound insulation, it satisfies the needs of environment protection.
  5. Variety Colors:It has many colors (Blue, White, Yellow, Green, and Red). All colors can either put along or mix together for variety colorful effect.
  6. Variety Types:It has different types of function of visual transparency, lighting, decoration, text message display, etc.


  • Furniture
  • Auto vehicles, yacht
  • Hotel, villa
  • Office, conference room
  • Bath room, shower door
  • Window, curtain wall
  • Display cabinet
  • Advanced residence area


Glass TypeThickness(mm)Max Size(mm mm)Min Size(mm mm)
LED In Glass (Laminated)5 ~ 421600 4000300 300
LED On Glass (Insulating)3+12A+3 ~ 19+18A+191400 3000300 300

*Warranty: 1 year.

If you have any other special size requirements, please contact us.


Polymagic LED Glass has the advantages of both Laminated Glass and Insulating Glass. It combines glass with photoelectric technology, and enhances the look by adding luminous cold light effects.

This way not only saves energy (The energy consuming of white LED is only10%~15% of general light bulb and 50% of daylight lamp), and also has variety change in colors. It gives new life to glass, and raises its commercial value and position to perfect advance traditional industries into another new journey of growth.

  • Lead time: 14~28 days.
  • Option for color: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red.
  • Environmental temperature: -20℃~80℃ (-4℉+186℉)
  • The drives voltage: 24VDC or 48VDC (by design)
  • Electric current:<500mA (by design)
  • Electricity:<30W (by design)